Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Festival : Cut & Splice: Living Rooms

Cut & Splice: Living Rooms
19-20 June 2009, Wilton's Music Hall, London
exploring the domestic soundscape
mapping the ultra-ordinary
the life of a room revealed

Cut & Splice: Living Rooms brings together some of the world’s leading sound artists and composers for a two day festival of performance, installation, video, broadcast, podcast and discussion that explores the beauty, memory and personal identity of sound in domestic environments. The event is set in one of London’s most atmospheric spaces, Wilton’s Music Hall, the last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world.

Through a wide ranging programme using a range of unexpected spaces in Wilton’s Music Hall Cut & Splice: Living Rooms reveals the often over looked depth and meaning in the ordinary and individual sonic experience and dramatises the physical acoustic phenomena of architectural space.

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